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Nokia 3711

Nokia 3711

T-Mobile Tap

T-Mobile T

The Nokia 3711 has a simple flip phone design. Its display resolution is average, but its navigation array and keypad buttons are large.
Caption by / Photo by Kent German/CNET
The 3711's external display is hidden when the backlighting is off. The border around the front face has a ribbed pattern.
Caption by / Photo by T-Mobile
Made by Huawei, the T-Mobile Tap has a touch-screen design with just a few physical controls below. The blue version of the Tap is pictured here.
Caption by / Photo by T-Mobile
On the rear side of the Tap are the camera lens and speaker. The phone also comes in a berry color.
Caption by / Photo by T-Mobile
The Fender is the newest version of the MyTouch 3G. It's basically the same as the original model except for a simulated wood grain finish and a 3.5-millimeter headset jack.
Caption by / Photo by T-Mobile
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