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TomTom Go 2505 M Live

TomTom Via series

Spot Connect satellite messaging system

Garmin Nuvi 2400 series

Garmin GTU 10

Garmin StreetPilot app for iPhone

TomTom's proves that standalone GPS devices aren't dead with the announcement of the Go 2505 M Live connected GPS navigator with an innovated new traffic service.
Caption by / Photo by TomTom
With a thin profile and an integrated EasyPort mount, TomTom's new Via series should be very portable.
Caption by / Photo by TomTom
When paired with an iOS device, the Spot Connect increases or, in the case of the iPod Touch, adds GPS reception and location awareness. More importantly, the device adds satellite messaging capabilities to Android and iOS devices.
Caption by / Photo by Spot, LLC
Not one to be left out of the pre-show reveals, Garmin has announced the new Nuvi 2400 series. These new models feature Garmin's new software package and 5-inch touch screens.
Caption by / Photo by Garmin
Users can track the location of the Garmin GTU 10 (as well as the important objects, pets, or people and objects to which it can be attached) using an online service or a smartphone app.
Caption by / Photo by Scott Hepler/Garmin
With GPS-enabled smartphones gaining more ground on discrete GPS devices daily, Garmin hedges its bets with the announcement of a new StreetPilot app for iPhone devices.
Caption by / Photo by Garmin
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