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Bottom compartment

MP3/phone holster

Laptop pocket

Nice fabric

Top pocket


You can configure the dividers to accommodate your equipment, though I find this type of scheme--narrow strips of Velcro and fairly stiff padded dividers--never seems to properly fit bodies with longish lenses on them, just small consumer bodies with 18-55mm kit lenses or shorter. They're good if you have lots of compartment-size things, like lenses and flashes.
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For days when you don't need a camera, you can take out all the dividers, unzip the separator between the top and bottom compartments, and use the Walkabout like a typical backpack. The bottom flap has another flat zippered pocket on top with nylon holders for cards and pens. The bag lacks storage for media cards and other small accessories.
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At first I removed the phone holster, since it felt like it sat too high up by my shoulder. After trying it for a while, though, I got used to it and ultimately found it pretty convenient.
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On of the best things about the small Walkabout is its ability to accommodate a 12-inch notebook. Most small bags lack this amazingly convenient back pocket, which you can also use for letter-size papers.
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The Walkabout is made of a sturdy, attractive brushed canvas fabric. Though it's not waterproof, it is water treated, and it comes with a plastic showercap if you get caught in a downpour. Unfortunately, some of the design elements that appear to be pockets aren't (the two flaps on top), and the bag really could use more real pockets and fewer faux ones.
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There's a roomy top compartment with a bottom zipper that you can open to make one big space.
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The Walkabout has a relatively narrow profile, though it's still wide enough that etiquette demands you take the pack off when on a bus or train.
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