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After teasing us with hands-off demos at the Consumer Electronics Show, Motorola invited us into Moto Land at the Mobile World Congress 2011 to show us its very soon to be released Android tablet, the Xoom, plus a bunch of the official accessories you can expect to find in store alongside the 10.1-inch beauty.

Though the Xoom will most likely be the first Honeycomb we'll see in Australia, it will be followed closely by the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the LG Optimus Pad, plus the Gingerbread-packin' HTC Flyer and a swell of cheaper budget-brand alternatives.

To set the Xoom apart, Moto has given thought to how the tablet will be used beyond its central role as personal web browser and media player. By adding any of a number of first party accessories the Xoom begins to look more like a mini-computer.

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Connecting to a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse is something all other tablets can achieve, but Moto's HD Dock is an optional extra that could put the Xoom in front for some. The HD Dock has ports for power and HDMI output, so you can set it up in front of the TV as a media hub, or on your desk in the office.

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One of the most popular iPad cases is a design that opens into a stand for the iPad to sit on. This is Motorola's version of the same design. It has a tough plastic case around the edges to protect the Xoom, and a cloth finish elsewhere. There are three ridges on the inside of the case so you can choose the angle you want the tablet to stand at.

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A view from the side showing some of the ridges.

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This case has a slot in the back for the Xoom's camera, flash and power button to be left exposed.

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To be sure, to be sure; this particular Xoom chassis does look a lot like an iPad. It's probably for this reason that we prefer the all-black alternative.

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