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The Motorola Pro is an Android smart phone that packs both a Qwerty keyboard and a touchscreen. It aims to be a 'work hard, play hard' phone for suited and booted types.

A 1GHz processor powers Android 2.2 Froyo, which isn't quite the latest version of Android, but still offers pretty much every feature that Google's mobile software is famous for. Some of our favourite features include a fast, accurate Web browser that supports Flash, and the unmissable Google Maps app. 

The Pro's keyboard owes much to the famous keys seen on BlackBerry devices. The buttons even have a similarly raised, wave shape, which makes them easy to find and press with fleshy fingers.

A 5-megapixel camera is another treat, but the Pro's target audience of business peeps might prefer to know that it's packed with security features. Many IT departments have stayed away from Android phones because they don't offer the defences that BlackBerry devices do. But Motorola has sprinkled some security spices onto the Pro.

These include the ability to remotely wipe the phone, including the microSD card, in case it gets nicked. It will also self-destruct if someone tries to guess your password too many times -- or at least all the data on the phone will be deleted. 

The Pro should be in shops in March. Click through our photo gallery to give it a goosey gander. 

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