What a smart phone, but you're too clumsy? The Motorola Defy is the first rugged Android smart phone, perfect for people that break screens and wreck cases. 

The Defy has a 3.7-inch capacitive touchscreen and runs version 2.1 of Android, so you'll get all the apps and features of a proper smart phone. That puts the Defy head and shoulders above other rugged phones, which tend to be tough but dumb.

The Defy is certified to an IP67 level of toughness, which apparently means it can spend 10 minutes under water up to 1m deep. The screen is made of 'gorilla glass', which claims to resistant to impacts and scratches. 

A rubbery back makes the Defy easy to grip, but in our tests it didn't look much different from an average phone, so you won't have to explain why you need a phone that caters to your clumsiness -- unless you want to show it off by throwing it against a wall a few times.

The Defy will be arriving in shops this winter, but in the meantime, click to view more images of this waterproof wonder. 


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