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Multiple people, multitouch

Developing a concept display

Touch screen

Inner and outer workings of a touch-screen display

Moto Labs' Scalable Multitouch display uses--you guess it--multitouch technology. That means you can use more than one finger as an input device, as shown here. Moto Labs likes to say that you can use as many fingers to control the device as you want, and that you're only limited by the number of fingers you have on each hand.
Caption by / Photo by Moto Labs
A Moto Labs engineer solders together a prototype display by hand, which means it will be awhile before these can be churned out by a giant factory. "We do this painstakingly by hand in our lab," CEO Daneill Hebert said. "It's really not an appropriate technique for high-volume manufacturing."
Caption by / Photo by Moto Labs
A closeup of the multitouch technology at work. Moto Labs uses the same thin-wire grid technology that underlies single touch screens, but its engineers have figured out how to use it with multitouch applications.
Caption by / Photo by Moto Labs
By not using cameras or projectors inside its touch-screen table technology, Moto Labs' display can someday be made as thin as an LCD monitor or TV, the company says.
Caption by / Photo by Moto Labs
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