Kane and Lynch 2 getaway rides

LOS ANGELES--The Electronics Entertainment Expo, or E3, celebrates its 15th iteration this year.

Much of the big news was announced during the keynotes earlier in the week. But the Expo itself, which takes place in the Los Angeles Convention Center, is where the press and general public have access to 720,000 square feet of exhibit space filled with demos of upcoming titles.

Outside, cycle rickshaw riders, paid for by IO Interactive to promote the Kane & Lynch sequel, offer to cart attendees between the two halls where exhibits are taking place.

Photo by: Josh Lowensohn / CNET

A cage of cash

To launch Virgin Gaming, Virgin's Sir Richard Branson set up a $1 million cash giveaway that E3 attendees can register for with their badges. The money was put inside a transparent vault outside of the LA Convention Center.

Photo by: Josh Lowensohn / CNET

Troops for hire

Troops in costume line up in the convention center's south hall before going on a march onto the show floor. The temporary hires were there to help promote Kaos Studios' Homefront title.

Photo by: Josh Lowensohn / CNET

Dancing outside for Judobaby

Studio Judobaby hired dancers and stick-throwers to promote its games. They danced both inside and outside of the LA convention center.

Photo by: Josh Lowensohn / CNET

Free haircuts on the show floor

To promote its upcoming Busy Scissors game, Redken and Little Orbit were giving free haircuts on the show floor.

Photo by: Josh Lowensohn / CNET

Forcetek's XIO Virtual Gaming System

No this isn't a bionic arm, it's Forcetek's new XIO Virtual Gaming System. It brings motion controls that can track arm movements. The company plans to expand it to other parts of the body including the back and head.

Photo by: Josh Lowensohn / CNET


Trion Worlds' Rift: Planes of Telara, had one of the more organic looking booths of the show with a huge, overgrown plant mass coming down from the ceiling.

Photo by: Josh Lowensohn / CNET

TRON light cycle

Attendees could not hop on the TRON light cycle replica, but they could get up real close to it. This is a version for the upcoming "Tron:Legacy" film.

Photo by: Josh Lowensohn / CNET

Harry Potter in LEGO

To promote its LEGO Universe game, NetDevil had various characters made out of LEGO blocks. Seen here is Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, and Rubeus Hagrid in LEGO form.

Photo by: Josh Lowensohn / CNET

EA's Pagani Zonda

Electronic Arts' E3 booth featured a Pagani Zonda supercar on a rotating platform. The car is playable in the publisher's upcoming Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit.

Photo by: Josh Lowensohn / CNET

Say cheese

Attendees get their picture taken with various Toy Story characters to promote Disney Interactive Studios' Toy Story 3 game.

Photo by: Josh Lowensohn / CNET

Move along folks

A costumed soldier watches over the slow moving line of E3 attendees waiting to get a try at Kaos Studios' Homefront.

Photo by: Josh Lowensohn / CNET


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