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New screenshots of Nokia's MeeGo OS for smartphones have appeared on the MeeGo developers website and show how the system will have a deep level of user interface customisation.

Unlike the obligatory change of wallpaper you might expect from a phone theme, MeeGo themes appear to change all major aesthetic elements of a phone, including the icons, fonts, colour scheme and the phone's lock screen.

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Feeling in a particularly good mood? Express yourself with this cheerful MeeGo lockscreen. If you're feeling a tad darker however…

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Perhaps those cheerful chaps on the previous slide are far too colourful for your demeanour. As you can see, not only does this shift in theme change the image and fonts, but it actually changes the lock mechanism altogether.
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This image shows two versions of the MeeGo task switcher, one in a clean-looking white and the other in the brooding green and black of the previous image.

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Unlike most smartphone systems which use pinch to zoom in the web browser, maps and photo gallery, MeeGo also make a place for our favourite gesture on the task switcher. If you have a whole stack of apps running you can pinch to zoom out and see them laid out in a grid.

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In this image you can see two versions of UI with very subtle differences in the icons only. The MeeGo developers page suggests these UI tweaks will be most useful for manufacturers and telcos trying to make their MeeGo phones stand out from the pack, but we're looking forward to seeing the thousands of fan-made UIs hit the MeeGo app store.

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