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8. 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine'

Wolverine's first standalone outing after appearing in a couple of team-up movies was a definite low point in the X-Men canon. With spotty CGI claws, rehashed character beats and downright confusing changes to X-Men continuity, it was a low point for Logan.

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7. 'X-Men: The Last Stand'

The third X-Men movie is a special level of confused (which is a nice way of saying bad). It suffers from an extreme case of sequelitis, and even Logan feels like he's having trouble following the plot.

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6. 'X-Men: Apocalypse'

"Apocalypse" was the most recent flashback to Logan's origin story, which puts the number somewhere in the high thousands. While his brief cameo was the most faithful page-to-screen adaptation we've seen, it wasn't enough to make up for the hilarious visual of Logan disappearing into the woods in his underwear.

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5. 'The Wolverine'

"The Wolverine" scores points for focusing on Logan without retreading (or rewriting) his background. Touching on his experiences in Japan, "The Wolverine" explores the honourable warrior side of Wolverine that comic fans are probably more familiar with.

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4. 'X-Men: Days of Future Past'

Switching up Logan and Professor X's traditional roles as reluctant hero and mentor really made "Days of Future Past" stand out from the other times we've seen Wolverine on the big screen. Of course, it also convolutes Logan's backstory even more (hooray for time travel), so it loses points for that.

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3. 'X-Men: First Class'

Logan's cameo appearance in "First Class" was everything "Apocalypse" wasn't. In just a few seconds of screen time, which nail the character's "does not play well with others" personality, Logan bridges the gap between the two strands of X-Men movie, supplies the film's most memorable moment and gives one of the best cameo appearances in a comic book movie. Nice work bub!

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2. 'X-Men'

Cast your minds back to 2000. 6-foot-2 Australian Hugh Jackman was cast as the 5-foot-3 Canadian. It didn't seem like a natural choice at the time, but Jackman's quiet intensity -- and hairy chest -- defined this version of the character from the very first time we saw him cage fighting.

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1. 'X2'

Even this far on, it's hard to go past "X2". Berserker-like in fight scenes, delving into Logan's past as Weapon X and finding his place with the rest of the X-men, it's still the clear high point in Jackman's history. That is until "Logan" officially enters the running on March 3.

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