"OMG, stop everything, there's no need to invent anything else," was what we said when we got to the eCoupled stand at CES. And when you see these photos and video, we're sure you'll agree.

Fulton Innovation -- don't worry, we hadn't heard of them either -- is out here in Vegas demonstrating wireless charging tech that has blown our tiny, gambling-addled minds. Its fabulous packaging uses induction power to create, among lots of other things, some of the most amazing cereal boxes we've ever seen, which can illuminate in stages to create an eye-catching effect.

But it's not just eye-candy either, because the technology can also be used to power toys and other items to give a battery-free demonstration. The company also had a pack of Energiser batteries that were being charged on its magical induction shelf, ready for you to buy and use straight away.

As if this wasn't enough, the company also had a can of soup which had a heating coil built in to the packaging. Place this on its specially designed kitchen surface and the soup will cook in the pack, as per the manufacturer's instructions. No more microwave explosions, just hot, perfectly warmed soup.

The kitchen environment also has the ability to communicate with other devices, including blenders and saucepans, to cook food based on a pre-defined recipe. It's the future, that much is certain. Click through our images above to find out more.

Look! Light-up cereal packs!
It's not just cereal either, these dinosaurs are powered by the induction shelf too.
The box looks the same as boring non-electronic one too, and costs just a few pence more to produce.
Ohhhh, pretty.
This pack of batteries is being charged on the shelf.
And this is the only thing that gives away the difference in storage.
The company also has a worktop that has built-in induction charging.
Look, an ordinary saucepan, we thought. But this anything but.
This button turns the induction circuit on.
A computer can control the worktop, and boil water. Which allows it to follow basic recipes.
The water reaches boiling point, and the display tells you so, which is handy. This allows the computer to control your cooking, to some extent.
Brought to the boil.
This tasty looking soup can also be placed on the worktop, and doing so will start it to heat-up.
The worktop can provide enough power to run this blender too.


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