In the vain of the advent calendar, LG is unwrapping new chocolates in the lead up to Christmas. The CNET Australia team was on hand with our mouths watering to sample the tasty new duo — the New Chocolate and the New Chocolate Slide.

The New Chocolate is a feast for the eyes, its 4-inch screen expresses vivid colours and rich deep blacks. It also runs on LG's S-Class UI which you can see in this image.

Photo by: CBSi

I need sexier friends

Every LG release this year has included about 20 preloaded contact photos, with models instead of regular people, and has reinforced the fact that I need to meet more attractive people.

Photo by: CBSi

Landscape artist

For those who prefer their lives to be displayed in a rotating carousel, the New Chocolate features Cover Flow-like lists for all types of media.

Photo by: CBSi

Finger focused

The on-screen QWERTY keyboard is amongst the largest we've seen on touchscreens this year, though this leaves very little room for reading back the message you're composing.

Photo by: CBSi

Oh snap!

The New Chocolate sports a 5-meagpixel shooter with LED flash, auto-focus and a CMOS image sensor.

Photo by: CBSi

A kid in a candy store

Sure, we're glad the New Chocolate has HSDPA, Wi-Fi, email, instant messaging, etc, but we couldn't wait to check out the range of pre-installed games on the awesome display.

Photo by: CBSi

Movie buff

You mightn't be surprised, but videos also look spectacular on the New Chocolate. We had a chance to watch the latest Avatar trailer, with Dolby mobile audio pounding through the headphones.

Photo by: CBSi

Listen up

Sick of listening to the same old tunes? Try this revolutionary concept — FM radio! Just like an iPod, but without the skip button for when Nickelback comes on.

Photo by: CBSi

Peas in a pod

Side-by-side, arm-in-arm, the New Chocolate Slide and the New Chocolate stepping out together. It's worth noting that the Slide doesn't use the S-Class UI, even though they look quite similar.

Photo by: CBSi

Movie buff jr

At a little over half the size, the Slide's display does a decent job of playing videos, but it pales in comparison to the better New Chocolate display.

Photo by: CBSi

Eye candy

Scanning through images in the gallery of the New Chocolate Slide.

Photo by: CBSi

Tap dancer

One of the major differences between these two new phones: the Slide has mechanical keys.

Photo by: CBSi


In the Slide's camera settings you'll find an image scan mode. This is a post-imaging filter that removes the background leaving only the text it finds.

Photo by: CBSi

Chocolate to die for

To celebrate the launch, LG invited Boon Chocolates to offer a tasting of its amazing wares. Trust us, if you're in Sydney you have to check these chocolates out!

Photo by: CBSi


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