Thrill 4G is Optimus 3D

The LG Thrill 4G is essentially the Optimus 3D rejiggered for AT&T. The hardware is the same, with a generous 4.3-inch WVGA display and the usual Android touch keys underneath.

Photo by: Nicole Lee/CNET

3D video

Though it's not quite obvious in this photo, the Thrill 4G is capable of recording 3D video in 720p. The viewfinder shows the 3D video as you're recording it. Here, it's recording video at the AT&T mobile event we attended during CTIA 2011.

Photo by: Nicole Lee/CNET

3D hub

This is 3D Spaces, a hub that houses all the 3D content on the Thrill 4G. It provides easy access to the 3D camera, 3D photo gallery, 3D video games, and even YouTube 3D. You can both view and upload videos on YouTube 3D.

Photo by: Nicole Lee/CNET

3D stereoscope

This is how the Thrill 4G is able to record 3D--there are two 5-megapixel cameras on the back.

Photo by: Nicole Lee/CNET

One-touch 3D button

The 3D button on the side provides one-touch access to 3D Spaces, the 3D hub application.

Photo by: Nicole Lee/CNET


There's a Micro-HDMI port on the side so you can hook up the phone to a television. You can then watch videos from the phone on a bigger screen. If your television is a 3D TV, you can watch 3D videos on that too.

Photo by: Nicole Lee/CNET

3D games

One of the more impressive demonstrations of 3D was when we played a golf videogame called Let's Golf. You could really see the 3D perspective as the ball flew off into the distance, though the photo here doesn't really do it justice.

Photo by: Nicole Lee/CNET

Android 2.2

The LG Thrill 4G comes with Android 2.2 Froyo; however, AT&T has said that it is upgradable to Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Photo by: Nicole Lee/CNET


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