We're still recovering from the firehose to the face that was the Windows Phone 7 launch yesterday, and are slowly getting our heads around the six new mobiles rocking Microsoft's slippery new mobile OS. One that really piques our interest is the LG Optimus 7.

Read our full in-depth preview of the Korean company's first foray into WP7 territory, then click through those photos above to check out the handset from every glistening angle.

The Optimus 7 has a pleasing weight to it, which will satisfy anyone who likes a mobile you could kill somebody with. It's much more than a potential murder weapon however, thanks to a host of natty hardware and software features.

For instance, there's a 5-megapixel camera on the back of this bad boy, which supports 720p video capture too. Once you've taken all your snaps, you can port them over to your telly or speakers using the Optimus 7's DLNA connectivity.

With 16GB of on-board storage, some cool LG-only features such as voice to text audio transcribing and barcode scanning, this is looking like a tasty little offering. We're impressed with the new OS too -- WP7 is impressively smooth and certainly makes for a pleasant user experience.


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