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Vintage camera

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Silver bullet special

California-based Lego artist Matt Armstrong (aka Monsterbrick on Flickr) has been creating amazing brick works for decades and works in an eclectic range of styles.

He works as a martial arts instructor in San Diego, but when he's off duty he's furiously building stuff with Lego. Armstrong recently showed off some of his latest creations at Star Wars Days at the nearby Legoland. They included this colorful take on the astromech droids of "Star Wars" such as R2-D2. This one is called RU-KRAZY.

Caption by / Photo by Matt Armstrong
When he's not teaching martial arts, Matt Armstrong loves dressing up in 19th century costumes and re-creating the tools of yesteryear in Lego, including this old bellows camera.
Caption by / Photo by Matt Armstrong
Steampunk objects have figured prominently in Matt Armstrong's works over the past years. This heavily stylized gun makes use of many unusual Lego pieces.
Caption by / Photo by Matt Armstrong
The 2011 sci-fi Western film "Cowboys & Aliens" starring Daniel Craig featured wrist blasters that inspired this creation by Matt Armstrong, perfect for obliterating Lego extraterrestrials.
Caption by / Photo by Matt Armstrong
In true steampunk style, this top hat sports an elaborate Lego hatband and some Lego goggles.
Caption by / Photo by Matt Armstrong
Sextants were once essential for marine navigation, and are still manufactured in plastic and metal. This Lego sextant by Matt Armstrong is a tribute to this valuable sailing tool.
Caption by / Photo by Matt Armstrong
A Lego salute to another essential 19th century tool, the electrical telegraph.
Caption by / Photo by Matt Armstrong
An ancestor of modern machine guns, the Gatling gun was invented by Richard Gatling in the early 1860s. This Lego re-creation is one of Matt Armstrong's most elaborate works. Its barrels actually turn when the handle is cranked.
Caption by / Photo by Matt Armstrong
In reference to his Lego telescope, Matt Armstrong described his trial-and-error approach to building: "I try out different schematics...put pieces on and take them off...not every creation is a work of art."
Caption by / Photo by Matt Armstrong
This vintage shooter has its own silver-colored bullets for slaying Lego beasts. For more retro creations by Matt Armstrong, see his collection here.
Caption by / Photo by Matt Armstrong
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