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Five fingers

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The Leap

Five finger drawing


Leap, the new 3D motion control system, is accurate down to the hundredth of a millimeter level and can reflect movement by any of a user's fingers.
Caption by / Photo by Leap Motion
The Leap system is designed to give users extremely responsive hands-free control over their computers. The company says it offers 200 times the sensitivity of existing technology, including Microsoft's Kinect.
Caption by / Photo by Leap Motion
The Leap, which is expected to be released early next year, should cost $70 and come with access to an app store where developers will make their creations available. The device connects to a computer via a USB port.
Caption by / Photo by Leap Motion
Unlike existing technologies, the Leap can recognize each of a user's fingers, allowing him or her to control things at the finger level.
Caption by / Photo by Leap Motion
One example of how the system is useful is that anyone can zoom in or out of a map using the same pinching gestures smartphone users have become familiar with. Except they don't need to touch a screen.
Caption by / Photo by Leap Motion
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