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Razer Blade Stealth

Acer Predator Helios 300

Alienware 15

HP Curved Envy AIO 34

Apple iMac 27-inch

Dell XPS 27

Dell XPS 15 (2017)

HP Spectre x360 13-inch (2017)

HP Spectre x360 15-inch

Lenovo Miix 720

Microsoft Surface Pro (2017)

Microsoft Surface Laptop

Lenovo Yoga 720

Samsung Notebook 9

Acer Aspire VX 15

HP Omen 15 (2017)

Lenovo Flex 11 Chromebook

Asus ZenBook Flip S

Asus ROG Zephyrus

Apple MacBook Pro (15-inch)

Apple MacBook (12-inch)

Razer Blade (2017)

Origin PC Eon17-X

Acer Predator 21 X

Dell XPS 13 2-in-1

Apple MacBook Pro (13-inch)

Video: Best laptops and hybrids for the 2017 holidays

The latest version of the slim Stealth takes a couple of big steps forward (and maybe one step back). It gets a bigger screen and a more professional-looking grey color scheme, but loses the multi-colored lights Razer is famous for, going with just a simple white backlight. 

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The Helios 300 has a cool name, first off. There's a patented cooling fan inside, called the AeroBlade, which Acer claims is the world's thinnest metal fan (the blades are just 0.1mm thick). And, perhaps owing to that slim, powerful fan, it includes software to overclock its Nvidia GeForce 1060 graphics card for better performance. 

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Alienware has been around for a while -- 20 years, in fact. So the iconic brand has evolved into this. It's a solid, substantial design packed with midrange components and accented with an ample array of accent lights and backlight zones. In other words, it's a tank covered with Christmas lights. 

Caption by / Photo by Sarah Tew/CNET

This all-in-one desktop is more than just its big 34-inch curved screen (though it is the main attraction). Its solid general-purpose performance and beefy speakers make it a good choice if you want something that can pull double-duty for work and entertainment all in an elegant yet practical design.

Caption by / Photo by Sarah Tew/CNET

Want a desktop, but your recipient isn't a Windows fan? The Apple iMac's 27-inch 5K display is not only a pleasure to use, it's the most color-accurate monitor we've seen in an all-in-one. The most recent models have improved performance and two USB-C/Thunderbolt connectors which can drive more external displays and transfer data faster.

Caption by / Photo by Sarah Tew/CNET

With its 10 speakers (10!) and a 4K UHD-resolution display with a broad color gamut, the XPS 27 is good choice for enjoying and creating content. Although it's not a graphics powerhouse, it is available with an AMD RX 570 video card so you can get in a little casual gaming or even entry-level VR entertainment.

Caption by / Photo by Sarah Tew/CNET

Dell's high-end XPS 15 is a favorite choice that's especially good for those doing photo and graphics work who might also want to do some gaming.

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The premium Spectre x360 line continues to impress us with its design and performance. The 13-inch version was recently updated with eighth-gen Intel processors and an integrated privacy screen that blocks what's on your display to anyone off the sides.

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The 15.6-inch Spectre x360 is a very attractive option if you're looking for the flexibility of a two-in-one with more space for work and play. It has all the premium touches of its smaller linemate and its pen-enabled display made for digital artists.

Caption by / Photo by Sarah Tew/CNET

Lenovo's top-of-the-line detachable two-in-one looks a whole lot like Microsoft's Surface Pro, but unlike the Surface, both its keyboard cover and Active Pen. Also, it has a USB-C port instead of Microsoft's proprietary Connect port.  

Caption by / Photo by Sarah Tew/CNET

Despite being just a modest update from its predecessor, the Surface Pro remains our top choice for a detachable two-in-one thanks to its improved battery life and performance.

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The first traditional clamshell from Microsoft, the Surface Laptop is an excellent Windows alternative to an Apple MacBook Air thanks to a beautiful design and good performance and battery life.

Caption by / Photo by Sarah Tew/CNET

Why settle for a just a clamshell when you can have a two-in-one, though? The pen-enabled 13.3-inch Yoga 720 gives you much more flexibility with a premium look and feel, but without the big price tag

Caption by / Photo by Sarah Tew/CNET

If you want a big screen, it typically means more weight and less battery. Not so with the Notebook 9, which weighs just 2.64 pounds, but has a 15-inch display and more than 12 hours of battery life. 

Caption by / Photo by Sarah Tew/CNET

For gaming on a budget, the VX 15 more than gets the job done and doesn't feel like a compromise.

Caption by / Photo by Sarah Tew/CNET

HP offers some of the best deals on its Omen series of gaming laptops. Available in 17.3- and 15.6-inch display sizes, you can get a well-configured VR-ready laptop at a reasonable price.

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The Flex 11 is a little two-in-one that can withstand a 2.4-foot (75cm) drop, has a water-resistant keyboard tray (up to 1 cup of water or 220ml), reinforced ports and a sealed touchpad to avoid any electrical damage in case of accidental spills. In other words, it's perfect for kids. 

Caption by / Photo by Lenovo

Asus claims this is one of the thinnest 13-inch 360-degree hybrid laptops, at 10.9mm thick, but we were more impressed by the generous selection of accessories included in the ZenBook's box, including a stylus and a USB-C hub.

Caption by / Photo by Sarah Tew/CNET

This super-slim gaming laptop packs in a very high-end Nvidia 1080 GPU, because it has a unique pop-open vent to keep everything cool. A clever, inventive design.

Caption by / Photo by Sarah Tew/CNET

Mildly updated from last year's version, this is still the Mac powerhouse to get if you want a big screen, powerful components, and the Touch Bar secondary interface. It's expensive, but that just makes it an especially generous gift. 

Caption by / Photo by Sarah Tew/CNET

The slimmest, smallest MacBook. This unique design, single port, and shallow keyboard may take some getting used to, but the improved 2017 version is a big step up, and this now looks and feels like the ultimate status symbol ultraportable. 

Caption by / Photo by Sarah Tew/CNET

A 14-inch gaming laptop with decent performance, but an amazing design.Slim, stylish, and it has a multi-colored lighting system that can run through literally millions of keyboard backlighting schemes.

Caption by / Photo by Sarah Tew/CNET

Almost nobody does big, backbreaking gaming PCs better. This model includes just about every high-end part you could want, and it's very customizable.

Caption by / Photo by Sarah Tew/CNET

The ultimate holiday asks if you've got a rich uncle who's looking to drop some major coin. Yes, it's got dual video cards and a 21-inch curved screen. It's also quite pricey.

Caption by / Photo by Sarah Tew/CNET

A hybrid version of the XPS 13, one of our favorite laptops. This model keeps the super-slim bezel we like so much in the clamshell XPS models and adds a 260-degree hinge for folding into a tablet. 

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Like the 15-inch MacBook Pro, the 13-inch model, both with and without the Touch Bar, got a minor spec update this year. It's still the go-to for creativity and productivity, and the new lower starting price on the 13-inch Pro makes it even more giftable

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These are the computers on everyone's wish list for the 2017 holidays.

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