Ridemakerz bills itself as "Build-A-Bear Workshop for boys." It lets kids (and grown-ups) customize RC cars, providing approximately 650 million ways to trick out a ride--a good idea, but in itself not a particularly high-tech toy. Ridemakerz hopes to make some added online magic with its play.ridemakerz.com site, which is now in closed beta. The site lets kids build a virtual car, then choose to order its parts or stick on the site to play competitive games.
Photo by: Ridemakerz
Mattel's biggest crowd-pleaser at CES is its Mindflex game, in which you--yes, seriously--control a ping pong ball with your brain waves. The $80 product comes out in fall.
Photo by: Lindsey Turrentine/CBS Interactive
Most of Mattel's CES lineup included toys with online components. These U.B. Funkeys expand the family of current Funkeys and their online world at UBFunkeys.com. In the fall, kids will be able to build their own online game for their Funkeys with the U.B. Funkeys Game Factory tool.
Photo by: Lindsey Turrentine/CBS Interactive
Also from Mattel, the Xtractaurs are plastic dinosaurs that come with a syringe-like USB uploader that pulls the dino's "genetic information" into a virtual community setting. Kids can fight their dinos and create crazy-looking imaginary hybrids.
Photo by: Lindsey Turrentine/CBS Interactive
The Barbie Digital Nail Painter lets girls (and probably more than a few little brothers) print customized manicures directly onto their fingernails.
Photo by: Lindsey Turrentine/CBS Interactive
Senario, a maker of kids' entertainment products, is planning for a fall release of "My Secret Circle," an online community that Scenario claims will be the first safe, online social network for tweens. To go with the community, girls can buy special USB keys and phone headsets (not pictured).
Photo by: Lindsey Turrentine/CBS Interactive
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