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Crave took a whistle-stop tour of JVC's planned products for 2009 at the company's annual key dealer meeting in Prague recently, getting hands-on with the new Everio camcorder line-up. The GZ-MS120, GZ-MG630, GZ-MG645 and GZ-MG680 shoot in standard definition, while the GZ-HM200 and GZ-HM300 shoot in 1080p high definition. In an interesting new step in the video-sharing wars, each model is compatible not only with YouTube, but also with iTunes.

YouTube upload is simple, with a direct upload button on the side of each model. iTunes is less straightforward, with the video exported as a file that can be converted and then imported by the program, rather than directly uploaded. Once it's in iTunes, your video can be synced to your iPod or iPhone to watch on the go.

The standard-definition range includes the MS120, MG630 and MG645. The MS120 records to a dual SD card slot, which allows you to swap out cards easily, and back up and transfer footage between two cards. The MG630 and MG645 both pack 60GB hard-disk onboard memory, 35x zooms, and the option to upscale video to HD then output via HDMI. Lastly, the MG680 boasts a 120GB disk.

JVC then gives us the world's smallest, slimmest and lightest hi-def HDD camcorder: the HM200. It records to dual SD card slots and boasts a 20x Konica Minolta lens. Face detection finds and adjusts for up to 16 faces.

At the top of the range is the HD300. Like the HM200, it packs a CMOS sensor, 20x zoom and 'Full HD' video. Video is stored on a 120GB HDD. Like all the cameras in the new line-up, stills are recorded to microSD cards.

Finally, JVC showed off a concept Everio model. Few details were forthcoming except that it would take SD cards and feature optical image stabilisation, 'SLR-like' controls and a 9-megapixel CCD -- the 'Bentley' of the range. So no Flip Video Mino, then. Click through our photos to take a closer look at the new features on the new models.

The new models come in a variety of colours. Here's the HD300 in blue.
The new camcorders feature a handy lanyard...
...which slides through the frame to become a hand-strap, so you have a choice of different ways of holding the camcorder.
The new Everio line-up continues to show off JVC's laser-touch feature on the screen bezel.
The whole range now includes a number of one-touch sharing buttons...
...including iTunes export...
...and YouTube upload.
Finally, take look at how tiny the 60GB MG630 is.


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