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Breathing apparatus

Jules Verne was one of the earliest science fiction writers, but what if he were alive today? An exhibition running through May in Foxboro, Mass., puts a steampunk spin on Verne's Captain Nemo, the submariner in "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea."

This Nautilus Emergency Aquatic Breathing Apparatus by Thomas Willeford and Brute Force Studios is one of several mannequins that greets visitors at the Nemo's Steampunk Art & Invention Gallery exhibition.

Photo by: Alex Savitzky

Captain Nemo's submarine

The Armored Vacuum Blimp Submarine Hunter has it in for the Nautilus, Captain Nemo's submarine in "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea."

This assemblage by Andrew Chase of Chase Studio is 48 inches long, weighs 30 pounds, and is made of steel, aluminum and copper. It has working "searchlights" too.

Photo by: Alex Savitzky


The Metapen by Zagreb-based Ivan Mavrov is a Swiss Army knife-type gadget for the steam age. Made of brass, copper, steel, wood and leather, it includes a pen, fork, knife, spoon, lighter, USB drive, watch, lamp, screwdriver, pipe, toothbrush, shaver, blade and, last but not least, a nail clipper.

See more Metapen pics at Mavrov's blog here.

Photo by: Alex Savitzky

Vamp phone

Conceived as an underwater phone for Captain Nemo, Ivan Mavrov's Vamp phone is modeled on the skin of a sea eel.

See more Vamp pics here.

Photo by: Alex Savitzky

Nokia phone

Another phone for Captain Nemo by Ivan Mavrov, this model is a Nokia with a steel case, leather exterior and ornamental screws.
Photo by: Alex Savitzky

Retro de Lux Cell Phone

The Retro de Lux Cell Phone, also by Ivan Mavrov, is made from a Nokia handset and old typewriter parts.
Photo by: Alex Savitzky

Computer workstation

Behold the Steampunk Time Machine Antique Master Bathroom Computer Workstation by Bruce Rosenbaum at ModVic and Walter Parker.

Incorporating a Samsung monitor, Dell PC, and Microsoft Webcam, the workstation was fashioned from an early 1900s shower and copper tub, along with antique pipes and fixtures.

Photo by: Alex Savitzky

Tweaked bike

Captain Nemo didn't care for human society, but this beautiful old tweaked-out bicycle might have served him while exploring Atlantis. It was created by Jaak Demarest of Five Speed Jaak.
Photo by: Alex Savitzky

Submarine watch

Mavrov's submarine watch is made of copper, brass and leather. It may or may not be water-resistant.
Photo by: Alex Savitzky

Steapunk guitar

Captain Nemo is an accomplished organist, but artist Steve Brook has imagined him being proficient at electric guitar as well. This axe is hand-crafted with antique brass door plate controls. The head stock filigree is made from an old picture frame.
Photo by: Alex Savitzky


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