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At first glance, the V-Jays Headphones remind us of the original cassette Walkman models, thanks to their low-profile design, small earpads, and use of a Y-cable rather than a single cord descending from one earpiece.
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The V-Jays certainly look refined with their square earpads and the glossy black finish on the ends of the headband. Also, the multidirectional pivot of the earpieces proves these 'phones are a step above the cheap-o giveaway models.
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Its cord is exceptionally thick and features good reinforcement at the gold-plated plugs.
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Still, we can't help but think that the V-Jays seem rather flimsy and delicate, probably because of the use of so little material in their construction. Also, the foam earpiece covers seem cheap and tear easily--the right one on our test unit already had a small hole when we removed them from the sealed package.
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As for fit and comfort, we have some mixed feelings. On the one hand, the V-Jays Headphones are exceptionally lightweight, so you might barely feel them on your head--if not for the quite a bit of pressure that the earpieces put on the sides of the head. Some wearers might not find this particularly bothersome, but we couldn't wear them for more than an hour or two without some discomfort.
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