Holding on to your tablet can be a pain, but here's a new way to grip your Apple iPad in style. The iPad now has its own choice of Gorillapod, the brilliantly simple camera tripod that grips anywhere. The Gorillamobile Yogi and Ori protect your iPad and prop them up wherever you want.

The Gorillapod is the bendy, flexy, ultra-versatile king of camera tripods. The three-legged support comes in various shapes and sizes, its bendy legs adjusting seamlessly to any surface or gripping on to any protuberance. It's a perfect match with the iPad, so you can enjoy hands-free viewing and browsing while out and about with the portable tablet.

The Gorillamobile Yogi is based on the classic Gorillapod design, with two bendy legs that attach to poles, trees and gym machines, or prop the iPad up to your desired viewing angle. The legs come off when not in use, and the part that holds the tablet is a rubber protective case. Smarter than the average tripod.

The Gorillamobile Ori is a folding, origami-like aluminium stand. It's a case for your iPad until it becomes a typing stand, then folds out into a viewing stand. You can turn your tablet to portrait or landscape orientation and adjust the height of the stand.

Click through our gallery to see the Yogi and Ori in action. The Yogi is available now for £45, and the Ori for £70.

The next generation of the iPad 2 launches tonight, and CNET UK will be there to bring you up to the minute iPad 2 news and hands-on first impressions. In the meantime, here's a round-up of rumours of what expect from the next-gen tablet.

The Gorillamobile Ori for iPad.
The Ori from behind.
The Ori protects your iPad when folded flat.
The Ori folds for iPad typing.
The Yogi in action. Gripping stuff.


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