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Intel didn't tell us the name of its two-sided information display on its stand. But, because it's the shape of a cube, and 100 per cent awesome, we've decided it should be called 'The Cube of Awesome'. Powered by two Intel Core i7 computers, and some proprietary projection technology, we were quite literally rendered speechless by this demo.

Designed to allow people to view and interact with various Internet feeds, this beautiful touchscreen interface made interacting with it an absolute pleasure. The queue to get near it was pretty large too, and everyone agreed it was a totally mind-blowing piece of kit.

Intel demoed various feeds, including access to video clips, although we didn't see those in the demo. You could keep an eye on Twitter and Flickr feeds, giving you access to content tagged in a certain way. Intel had opted to follow the #CES hashtag, which meant we could see photos from around the show -- it was very cool indeed.

Will you be getting one in your living room? We don't think so. But it was a cool technology demo, and a brilliant way of demonstrating what the i7 platform can do.

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The Cube of Awesome is powered by Intel i7 computers. There were two here, each of which was running a different display.
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Each of these individual spinning cubes can be tapped, at which point it opens up a window with more information.
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It's possible to follow feeds from Web sites. Intel demoed both Flickr and Twitter cubes, which were able to follow events happening in and around CES.
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The user interface was running on a laptop, and you can see here how simple it is to add new content to the wall, or remove a particular service.
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These cubes spin without any judder or disruption. It's quite a sight to behold.
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So there you have it. That's how you make a cube that's 100 per cent awesome. Hopefully next year they'll take it to the next level with a Pyramid of Awesome.
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