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Lego Universe




Build challenge

Getting ready to build

Sometime in the second half of 2010, Lego fans will be able to indulge in their red, blue, yellow, and white brick fantasies together, no matter where they are. That's because, after more than two years of development, Lego Universe, the first massively multiplayer online game based on the iconic toys, is expected to be ready then.

"In Lego Universe, you will discover a world that sparks the imagination, full of opportunities to build, play, and interact with Lego fans from all over the globe," reads an information sheet for the game. "Build anything you can dream up, and help shape the constantly evolving Lego Universe through adventure, exploration and battle."

Part traditional online role-playing game, part giant sandbox, the game is primarily geared toward kids but is also meant for any fans who can't get enough Lego, and who want to take that interest into the realm of questing, sharing, and exploring.

Caption by CNET Reviews staff / Photo by Lego
The first stop on players' Lego Universe journey will be a spaceship rapidly falling apart after going through a "maelstrom" in space. This is ostensibly a tutorial stage, and players will use it to get used to the mechanics and dynamics of the game.
Caption by CNET Reviews staff / Photo by Lego
In this battle sequence, "Minifigs take on a hostile robotic creature, while in the background, evidence of a breakout signals that a potentially greater menace awaits."
Caption by CNET Reviews staff / Photo by Lego
There are many different areas for players to explore in Lego Universe. This one is called the Gnarled Forest, and here, pirates take cargo off their ship and look puzzled as to how some of it got lodged in a tree.
Caption by CNET Reviews staff / Photo by Lego
Throughout Lego Universe, players will encounter build challenges, and will have to use piles of bricks that accumulate from the destruction of various objects and enemies to do their builds.
Caption by CNET Reviews staff / Photo by Lego
According to Lego, "Core to the Lego Universe experience is the power of creative building and customization. Limited only by the boundaries of their imagination, Lego fans will be able to build all manner of creations from an abundant supply of virtual bricks. And they'll be able to add these creations to their own personal space or to areas within the many fantastic worlds and environments."
Caption by CNET Reviews staff / Photo by Lego
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