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iLuv iCC781 Windsheild Mount Kit with Power Combo Pack

iLuv iCC77 Flexi-Clear Cas

iLuv iCC705 Graphic Silcone Case

iLuv iCC79 Hard Case with Stand

iLuv iCC74 Clear Crystal Hard Case

iLuv iCC75 Holster with Stand and Cover

iLuv iCC76 Holster with Stand

iLuv iCC212 Armband

The solo auto accessory in iLuv's recently-announced lineup, the iCC781 includes windshield and dashboard mounts for keeping your iPhone easy-to-access while in the car. There's also a cigarette lighter adapter with a USB connection for charging the mobile on the go. Safe bets are that you can use this standard charger for other devices as well--if you provide your own cable. The kit will set you back about 35 bucks.
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This graphically-enhanced case, which is available in four color options--pink, blue, clear, or black--is constructed out of a new material called Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU). TPU is exceptionally light and flexible while remaining tear-and-damage resistant. The iCC77 is priced at $24.99.
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Yet another graphic case is offered, but this one is made of the standard silicone offered by most protective sleeves. It comes in a choice of black, blue, or pink and retails for $24.99 as well.
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This simple black case is made of hard plastic and features a simple metal kickstand that will prop up the iPhone for vertical or horizontal viewing. MSRP for the iCC79 is $29.99.
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For those who are looking for maximum protection that doesn't hide the sleek stylings of the iPhone, iLuv offers this clear hard case for $24.99.
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The iCC75 offers a flip cover to protect the iPhone's screen and a built-in stand for viewing video without wearing out your arms. This case sells for $34.99.
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Similar to the iCC75 but without the protective cover for the screen, which is why we don't understand why it costs the exact same price ($35).
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The iPhone may not be the best iPod for active pursuits, but that won't stop company's from making fitness-friendly add-ons for it. Case in point: iLuv's latest armband, a neoprene number that keeps the device close at hand and out of the way while offering minimal protection from sweat at the same time. ($34.99)
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