Gmail becomes lattemail in the hands of Yuko Honda. On her blog Geeklatte, the 37-year old Japanese artist occasionally posts images of delightful geek-inspired art made atop fresh espresso drinks. Honda uses a popsicle stick and paintbrush to create savory imagery often inspired by Web services and software.
Photo by: Yuko Honda

Firefox fuel

Honda created this mesmerizing Firefox logo (complete with planet) on a latte.
Photo by: Yuko Honda

Yahoo logo

A creamy Yahoo logo.
Photo by: Yuko Honda

Angry Bird

Would an angry bird fly more enthusiastically if it had a latte? Angry Birds makes an appearance in this latte art.
Photo by: Yuko Honda

Tweet tweet

Honda's Twitter bird latte art looks just like the logo used for the popular microblogging Web site. It probably tastes better, though.
Photo by: Yuko Honda

Amazon art

Amazon may sell nearly everything from A to Z, but the skills of a master latte artist are priceless.
Photo by: Yuko Honda

Apple Mapspresso

This Apple Maps icon in latte form appears very similar to the real icon seen on newer iPhones.
Photo by: Yuko Honda


Instagram's recognizable icon looks rather delicious when seen through a creamy lens.
Photo by: Yuko Honda

Artist at work

Last month, Honda visited the Gmail team in San Francisco and whipped up some branded brews. Here, she carefully manipulates cream to create the perfect Gmail envelope.
Photo by: Google


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