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The HTC Legend is a Google Android 2.1 device and is a refinement of the GSM HTC Hero. It will be available in Europe with Vodafone starting in April and will then hit Asia in early Q2.
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Designed by One & Co, the Legend features a aluminum unibody construction and is a curvier, smoother phone than the original Hero. To keep the phone as seamless as possible, there is now an optical joystick in place of the trackball.
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The Desire is essentially the Nexus One with HTC Sense. It offers all the same specs as the N1, including a 3.7-inch AMOLED multitouch screen, a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, and Android 2.1.
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In addition to the devices, HTC announced an enhanced version of HTC Sense. The Sense user experience now includes new widgets, such as the Friend Stream, and a Leap feature that lets you pinch the screen to get a thumbnail view of all your homescreens and quickly jump to the one you want.
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The HTC HD Mini was created after the great response to the HTC HD2 and a desire from customers for the same experience but on a smaller phone. The HD Mini runs Windows Mobile 6.5.3 and is the first Windows Mobile phone to have a capacitive touch screen.
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Another creation by One & Co., the HD Mini is actually about the size of the original HTC Touch and also has a unique construction. On back, you can actually see the four screws that are holding the entire phone together. Normally phones have subframes and tiny screws holding together multiple parts, but not the HD Mini. Another unexpected surprise? When you take the back cover off, the inside of the phone is bright yellow!
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