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The Amazon Kindle Fire tablet offers tons of entertainment for children, including games, TV shows, books, and more.

Unfortunately, it also offers unrestricted access to every corner of the Internet--even the filthy ones. Plus, let's not forget that your credit card account is attached to the Kindle Fire via Amazon--which could make for quite the buying spree for little junior.

In this How To (with accompanying video) we'll show you how to lock out the Kindle Fire's Wi-Fi connection with a password, and hopefully preserve your kid's innocence (and your credit score) for a while longer.
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For the first step, make sure you're running the latest operating system by diving into the Kindle Fire's settings and looking at Device info. You need to be on System Version 6.2.1 or later.
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Next, head back to the Settings menu and tap Restrictions. Tap the switch and create a password. This should automatically disable the Wi-Fi connection.

Should you need to unlock it later, tap this same switch to turn the setting off. You'll be prompted for your password, and the Wi-Fi will remain unlocked until you go back and switch it off again.
Caption by / Photo by Donald Bell/CNET
When the Kindle Fire's restrictions are activated, you'll notice this key icon in the top-right corner, indicating that the Wi-Fi is locked.
Caption by / Photo by Donald Bell/CNET
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