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How smart is your sex toy?

Lush: Apple Watch compatible

Lush: In action

VR Porn from Naughty America

3D-printed tubes for men

Eva Dame

Eva: Plug and play

Hello Touch

Coming soon: DIY toys

DilDIY: Pleasurable possibilities

Online penis-fitting tool

Fleshlight Launchpad

Launchpad: Plug and Play

First 'gender-neutral' toy

Tiani: Next-gen remote control

The 'Guybrator'

Siime Eye

Siime Eye: Don't forget the searchlight!

Hum: Arduino hackable

kGoal: Smart kegeling

Limon: Smart squeeze

Autoblow 2: Exactly what you think it is

Vibrators have always vibrated. But tech-wise, 2016 seems to be the Year of the Smart Sex Toy. We're talking robot male masturbation aids, interactive Kegel exercisers and beyond. Way, way beyond...

Caption by / Photo by AutoBlow 2

Yep, that's a vibrator that talks to not only an Apple phone, but also an Apple Watch. The maker refers to such tech as "teledildonics." The sex toy can be controlled by a partner over short ranges or even longer ones, via an app.

As for the strength of the vibrations, well...

Caption by / Photo by Lovense you go.

Caption by / Photo by Lovense

CNET's Brian Tong puts on a virtual-reality headset and gets a demo of an adult entertainment experience from Naughty America.

Caption by

The Tenga 3D masturbation tube won a Red Dot Award in product design in 2012, and it's easy to see why. Each one looks like a piece of 3D-printed art. And that's exactly what these are.

The all-white sleeves are made from flexible, 3D-printed antibacterial plastic, and each features a unique texture -- say, twisted spirals, or stacked, triangular patterns--to create unique sensations once the sleeve has been flipped inside out.

Caption by / Photo by Tenga

Two women invented this wearable women's toy as an answer to male-oriented, vibrating rings. After a sensational run on IndieGogo, the Eva won praise for its hands-free, female-friendly design, as well as...

Caption by / Photo by Dame Products

...USB charging.

Caption by / Photo by Dame Products

Small batteries fuel the Hello Touch wearable vibrator, billed as the smallest of its kind available.

The design features two ultracompact "vibration pods" enclosed in silicone pads. Users control the device using a toggle on a wristband.

Caption by / Photo by Jimmy Jane

A personal pleasure device is pretty much as intimate as you can get, so it's no wonder that designers are mulling customization options, aided by 3D printing.

Cunicode, a design shop in Barcelona, is working on just that.

Caption by / Photo by Cunicode

The project, called DilDIY, is currently listed by the company as a work in progress, but these concept models show the promise of the idea. Bernat Cuni, the designer, has said he hopes to allow customers to use an app to customize features, such as the toy's size and shape.

Caption by / Photo by Cunicode

And speaking of customization: Tenga, maker of those sleeves you saw earlier, also offers an online fitting tool aimed at men. Enter your size and other personal information, and Tenga recommends the ideal sex toy for you.

Caption by / Photo by Tenga

Billed as an "upgrade" by Fleshlight, the LaunchPad is, essentially, an adapter that attaches a male masturbation device to an iPad. As for how it works...

Caption by / Photo by Fleshlight you go.

Caption by / Photo by Fleshlight

Yes, it vibrates. But more importantly, the PicoBong Transformer is, according to its maker, gender-neutral.

For simplicity's sake, think of it as a double-ended vibrator that has a little something for everyone. You can read the description for the juicy details.

Caption by / Photo by PicoBong

Like many sex toys, the Lelo Tiani (including a "24k" version, shown here) has a remote control. But this control, dubbed SenseMotion, responds to just that: motion. As the controller tilts or moves more quickly, the vibrator's frequency also changes.

Caption by / Photo by Lelo

The Pulse Hot Octopuss is more than just a deliverer of high-amplitude waves aimed at stimulating the male anatomy. (Don't call it a vibrator!) It also has a pair of adjustable wings, allowing the device to expand as the guy does.

Caption by / Photo by Pulse

Combine a vibrator and a wireless camera, and you get...this: The Siime Eye...

Caption by / Photo by Svakom

Per Svakom, Siime Eye "also has a "hidden searchlight" and can be connected via Wi-Fi to a PC, tablet or mobile phone. The result: You can record and share, well, everything your vibrator sees, via still photo or video.

Caption by / Photo by Svakom

Invented, per the company, "by physicists," the Arduino-programmed Hum is billed as an AI sex toy; it adapts its behavior based on how the user moves. Technically, the vibrations vary depending on pressure exerted onto the device.

Additionally, "for those feeling up to the challenge," the company said on its now-fulfilled IndieGogo campaign, "Hum allows you to write and upload your own code."

Caption by / Photo by Hum

For women, pelvic floor strength has several advantages, including, for many, better sex. Billed as the "world's first smart Kegel trainer," this device-and-app combo essentially works as a personal trainer for Kegel muscles, measuring and tracking pelvic floor exercise.

Caption by / Photo by Minna

Meanwhile, another Minna product, Limon, adjusts its vibrations based on how hard it's squeezed. Beyond that, users can compose, record and play back custom vibration patterns.

Caption by / Photo by Minna

Finally, there's Autoblow 2, described by creator Brian Sloan as "a robotic oral-sex simulator for men." A wildly successful IndieGogo campaign (as in, more than 600 percent of its initial funding goal) has led to lots of well as a very, very interesting set of demo animations.

Caption by / Photo by Autoblow
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