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The Quirky Aros Smart Window Air Conditioner

Cool air in a WINK

Fabric extensions

Budget prediction

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This new air conditioning unit, announced this morning, is the fifth product to emerge from GE's patent-sharing relationship with crowd-sourced product design firm Quirky. The Aros will sell for $300 when it launches in May.
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As with the other Quirky/GE products, you can control the Aros remotely via your iOS or Android smart phone. Quirky says the Aros will also learn your usage patterns and adapt accordingly, and it can also sense your location (via phone GPS), turning on and off automatically depending on whether you're at home.
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The Aros uses fabric extensions in the Aros, not the cheap plastic ones that come with many air conditioners. An internal filter is also washable. The unit itself is rated for 8,000 BTUs, and according to Quirky it will fit in most window openings.
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Another smart feature is the Aros's budget tracking. It can predict usage costs based on your habits, the local weather and other factors. It can also send you an alert once you approach a pre-programmed budget limit.
Caption by / Photo by Quirky
Caption by / Photo by Quirky
Quirky credits member and former U.S. Department of Energy employee Garthen Leslie as the originator of the idea for the Smart Window Air Conditioner.
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