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Christmas Gift Guide
On first glance, the Tune In Tune Out Headphones don't look any different than your average full-size set, although it is immediately apparent where costs were cut. The adjustable headband is constructed of cheap plastic, has no padding, and feels prone to breakage after minimal wear and tear.
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The headphones are reasonably comfortable, with cushy earcups that don't put an inordinate amount of pressure on the jaw base.
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A single, superthick cable descends from the right cup and terminates in a gold-plated, 3.5mm straight plug.
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Closer inspection of the Tune In Tune Out will reveal two external speakers: one built into the outside of each earcup.
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A battery compartment that takes two AAA cells (not included) is built into the left earcup, while the right houses buttons for volume and powering on the speaker. When the power is on, music comes through the speakers; when off, the unit functions as regular headphones. Simple as that.
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Performance is a bit of an issue with the Tune In Tune Out Headphones, but it is by no means a deal-breaker given the low price point of $50 and the fact that you get two devices in one package. Sound quality on the whole is average.
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