Cross devices

Because of the cross-device integration, the watches can do many of the same things as other mobile apps, as well as hand off to other devices. A lot of the notifications offered are similar to Google's Cards.

Google unveils Android Wear, its modified OS for wearables

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Moto 360

The Moto 360, scheduled to ship this summer, seemed to be one of the more attractive watches shown off by Google.

Photo by: Motorola

Moto 360

Google's application programming interface allows for both round or square watches; Motorola is thus far the only one offering a round one. Also, skeumorphism for the win!

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Get me a pizza, stat!

The food-ordering app was a big hit.

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Five or so lines

You can't fit a lot of information on one of these watch faces, as you'd expect.

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LG's watch seems closest to shipping, though it's not the most attractive or (in my opinion) really suited for women's wrists.

Photo by: LG


The LG G seems awfully large.

LG G runs Android Wear

This interface will have notifications and status reports similar to Android phones.

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"OK, Google"

The LG G also offers a blend of the analog and the digital; a notification about your flight on the bottom, and voice commands.

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Getting a Lyft

An app can interface with Lyft.

Search, of course

Unsurprisingly, you'll be able to look stuff up via Google search.

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Delayed response

If you're in the middle of something important, you can send yourself a reminder (to appear on another system) to check on your email later.

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Travel notifications

This is one of the applications I think makes sense for a watch, if you can set it to pop up automatically with no input. That way, you can see your plane status while your hands are busy schlepping luggage.

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Commuting friend

Your watch can tell you whether or not you need to rush.

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Samsung Gear

Though we didn't get to see Samsung Gear -- Google only announced the partnership -- as with the other watches there will be vibration notifications, music app controls, voice reminders, and customized phone-call dismissing.

Google announces Samsung Gear Live smartwatch with Android Wear

Photo by: Samsung


The most beautiful phone ever has one wildly annoying issue

he Samsung Galaxy S8's fast speeds and fantastic curved screen make it a top phone for 2017, but the annoying fingerprint reader could sour your experience.

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