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Anna Lee's company, HoloFilm Productions, began shooting VR porn scenes last year, including ones with actress Brett Rossi. Virtual reality, Lee says, "is the next progression of everything [in] entertainment. It takes the viewer to another level.

Her company is among a half-dozen at this week's AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas turning to VR as the future of porn.

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Brett Rossi, a longtime porn actress and the ex-fiancee of TV star Charlie Sheen, says virtual reality porn is so realistic that it's a little "creepy...but hot creepy, not disgusting creepy."

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Holodexxx is another virtual reality company at the porn industry's annual AVN Adult Entertainment Expo this week in Las Vegas. Holodexxx co-founder Craig Alguire says his company is merging porn with gaming.

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Can VR get you to pay for online porn again? Daniel Abramovich, a director and producer with aptly named VRBangers, says yes. "You wear the headset, and you really feel like you're really there with the girl," he says.

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