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Ho, ho, Hoth!

​Darth Vader toaster

Star Wars Devon watch

​Han Solo in carbonite shower curtain

Avoid bad 'deals' on Black Friday and beyond

11 life-size replicas Star Wars figures

Wicket Ewok hat

​Star Wars BB-8 waffle maker

​Droid socks

​Star Wars Chewbacca Fluffball ornament by Hallmark

​Star Wars snow speeder-inspired storage and play area

​Star Wars Death Star cookie jar

​Star Wars Battleship

​Star Wars Saga Edition chess set

​The Graflex CE 'lightsaber'

​Star Wars Propaganda: A History of Persuasive Art in the Galaxy

​Star Wars holiday sweater

​1983 'Star Wars: Return of The Jedi' lunchbox and thermos

Star Wars trilogy limited-edition posters

​Vintage Star Wars complete Millennium Falcon

​Star Wars 30th Anniversary early-bird certificate

​Music Inspired by Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk

We've got your Life Day shopping list covered.

Here are 20 gift ideas, from big to small, from inexpensive to ridiculous, that should appeal to the Star Wars fanatic in your galaxy. It's all here, save the fruitcake.

Caption by / Photo by Star Wars via Merchoid

This is for the person who could look at two pieces of bread popping out of the top of Lord Vader's head all day. And all night. Get it at Target for $50.

Caption by / Photo by Target

At $28,500, we admit this timepiece is a bit of a splurge. But it is cool -- and classy, t00, as a geek work of art in "diamond-like carbon coating on stainless steel." Buy it directly from Devon, the Los Angeles-based luxury brand.

Caption by / Photo by Devon Works

When's the last time you felt good, really good, about gifting someone with a shower curtain? You're welcome. Get this bathroom must at Walmart for $19.50.

Caption by / Photo by Seven Times Six/Walmart

Don't be fooled by the flashy ads and "doorbuster" deals, here are four things you should look for before you pull the trigger on a purchase.

Caption by /

Per the eBay listing, a hobbyist who fell in love with Star Wars as a child has customized or built life-size versions of Boba Fett, Kylo Ren, Han Solo (in carbonite, natch) and more.

All 11 are decked out with wardrobe and props, and all 11 can be yours as the ultimate holiday gift for a mere $400,000. Free personal delivery if you live "within 75 miles of zip code 85298."

Caption by / Photo by azheat01/eBay

This winter hat is not only as cute as Wicket W. Warrick, but also sized for adults. So, take that, toddlers! Grownups get to be cute sometimes, too. Available at the Disney Store for $25.

Caption by / Photo by Disney Store

Go from batter to breakfast in the shape of the droid from "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" in only 3 to 5 minutes. Officially licensed to and sold by ThinkGeek for $40.

Caption by / Photo by ThinkGeek

This is how you do Christmas socks, not to mention mismatched socks. Available from Stance for $16.

Caption by / Photo by Stance

This orb of furry polyester is just the thing to liven up your grandma's keepsake collection. Get it at Kohl's for $7.50.

Caption by / Photo by Hallmark

This one-of-a-kind storage/plaything is billed as having been built by hand by a dad who got tired of seeing "toys everywhere in the basement." His ingenious solution can be yours for $1,000 via Etsy.

Caption by / Photo by WastedMaterialsProd/Etsy

Look, if the Rebels blow up this one, even we'll get mad. Officially licensed and exclusively sold new via ThinkGeek for $30.

Caption by / Photo by ThinkGeek

"You sunk my Resistance X-wing fighter!" Get in the game at the Disney Store for $25.

Caption by / Photo by Disney Store

A higher-end version of other Star Wars chess sets, this one features detailed pieces with some heft. Go to battle with the Empire or Yoda's crew at Walmart for $194.43.

Caption by / Photo by AMI Ventures/Walmart

Ultra Sabers is in the business of making, customizing and selling "real" lightsabers that look and even sound like the "real" thing. The Grafton CE's our favorite model: strong, streamlined and moderately priced, starting at $234.

Caption by / Photo by Ultra Sabers

This just-released coffee-table book tells the story of the Star Wars galaxy via the posters you'd see if the Star Wars galaxy was real (and had telephone poles, probably). Get it at for $29.16.

Caption by / Photo by Harper Design

Be warned: You won't win an ugly Christmas sweater contest with this looker. Available at Merchoid for $60.

Caption by / Photo by Merchoid

Re-buy your youth (or someone else's) with this vintage, used lunch box for $42.25 at eBay. Bologna sandwich not included.

Caption by / Photo by jesse_jamez40/eBay

What you're buying here is one set of awesome-looking, limited-edition posters commemorating the original Star Wars movies and created by graphic-artist Olly Moss. The three posters are said to be in "excellent condition." Make a Star Wars or art fan very happy via eBay for $6,000.

Caption by / Photo by bella_buddy/eBay

This vintage, used and reassembled Kenner toy set, with original and custom parts, reunites the "Empire Strikes Back" trio of Han Solo, Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca. Delight a grown child via Etsy for $235.

Caption by / Photo by TheJedisEmporium/Etsy

Delight an old kid or horrify a young one with this replication of a toy-free box that was the best the overwhelmed Star Wars merchandise machine could produce for the 1977 holiday season. Original versions go for thousands on eBay; you can get this one at for $20.40.

Caption by / Photo by Hasbro

This classic 1977 disco album (no, really) was reissued in 2015. Kick it old-school--and on vinyl--via Best Buy for $17.

Caption by / Photo by Best Buy
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