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A warm welcome to MobileCon

Huawei this way

Sitting back with AT&T

Jamming with BlackBerry

PCD spotting

Hanging up Verizon's banner

Fall CTIA, now going by MobileCon, is a mobile conference that starts tomorrow, October 9, in San Diego. Though it is a significantly smaller show than CES in January and Mobile World Congress in February, we're still expecting plenty of mobile news out of San Diego. Stay tuned!
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Recently deemed a security risk by a congressional panel, small-time Chinese phone company Huawei will face greater scrutiny as it tries to expand its presence in the U.S. market.
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Even though AT&T already spilled the beans about the majority of its fall lineup before MobileCon, we won't be surprised if the carrier has a lot of device demos and surprise announcements this week, regardless.
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Recently, RIM reintroduced its mobile OS, BlackBerry 10, at its annual Jam conference in San Jose, Calif., so it may not be a surprise that we'll hear more about the OS from RIM during MobileCon.
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Mobile partner PCD is here at MobileCon with big signs of its phones, including the PCD Chaser and the Casio G'zOne Commando.
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Verizon will most likely unveil at least a few handsets at this year's MobileCon. The carrier is also hosting an event to celebrate its 4G LTE network.
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