Fashion forward

GE will launch a range of compact cameras into the Australian market in June this year, with the first models targeted towards fashion-conscious female photographers.

GE has teamed up with a range of influential Australian women to promote the range, holding the launch at fashion designer Marnie Skillings' lady.nimble.shadow show.

The cameras in question are from GE's "Create by Jason Wu" range. Jason Wu, you ask? He's the US fashion designer who dressed First Lady Michelle Obama.

GE collaborated with Jason Wu to create a stylish camera for those looking for a simple point-and-shoot. Inside is a 12-megapixel sensor and 3x optical zoom — bare-bones specifications for a camera these days. It is incredibly light though, and will come in a range of leather finishes.

Photo by: Alexandra Savvides/CNET Australia


Every fashionista worth his or her salt knows that it's all about the accessories. So, each camera comes with this leather case embossed with the designer's name, and a wrist strap.

Photo by: Alexandra Savvides/CNET Australia


The rest of the specifications are fairly thin on the ground, but one interesting feature is internal storage. With either 4GB or 8GB inside, the cameras have a retracting USB connector that plugs directly into a computer. As you've probably guessed by now, the rest of the camera is pretty simple, too.

Photo by: Alexandra Savvides/CNET Australia

Point and shoot

At the back is a 2.7-inch LCD screen and really, really simple buttons. Playback, delete and a basic menu navigation pad is all you'll get here.

Photo by: Alexandra Savvides/CNET Australia

Runway riot

The cameras will be available from June, to coincide with the annual PMA show. GE is hoping fashion-forward ladies, like those at the Marnie Skillings launch, will go for these cameras.

Photo by: Alexandra Savvides/CNET Australia


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