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Alienware M18x

Origin EON 17-S

Alienware M11x (Spring 2011)

You'll spend as much as you would for a used car if you trick out Alienware's top-flight 18-incher to the max, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a more spectacular mix of ultra-cutting-edge dual-card gaming graphics, display connection ports, and over-clocked CPUs.
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Build-your-own enthusiasts will flock to a gaming laptop like Origin's latest, which is customizable in nearly any way you see fit. Yes, the chassis is generic, but for pure choice and raw features, this beast is hard to beat. You certainly won't lack for the latest and greatest graphics and components.
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Fans of small laptops can have their cake and eat it too with this tiny gaming rig. This year's update to the M11x is faster than ever, and is hands-down the best ultraportable gaming laptop, with a surprising set of speakers. It doubles as a very functional backpack-friendly computer, too.
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