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Brienne of Tarth

Cersei Lannister

Daenerys Targaryen



Sansa Stark

Russian artist Andrew Tarusov loves working in a vintage "pinup girl" style. Here, he turns his talents to the women of "Game of Thrones." You can see more images from this series, as well as more of Tarusov's art, on his website or Facebook page.

This illustration shows that fierce warrior Brienne of Tarth, tireless defender of the Stark women, also has a softer side.

Caption by / Photo by Andrew Tarusov

Cersei Lannister, the woman behind the Iron Throne, is shown here sitting upon it, raising a glass of wine in a toast -- naturally.

Caption by / Photo by Andrew Tarusov

Here, one of the khaleesi's dragons is shown getting her into a bit of trouble. If that was the worst the fire-breathing beasts got up to, there'd be a few happier goatherds around.

Caption by / Photo by Andrew Tarusov

Normally eclipsed by the larger-than-life Daenerys whom she serves, here Missandei gets to grab a bit of the glamour for herself. And she deserves it too -- after all, she can speak 19 languages!

Caption by / Photo by Andrew Tarusov

The priestess is shown in red, a nod to her title "The Red Woman." She's also holding a fire extinguisher, which is probably pretty handy to have around when you worship the fire-loving Lord of Light.

Caption by / Photo by Andrew Tarusov

Knowing about Sansa's current awful predicament in the series makes this idealized image of her kind of bittersweet.

Artist Andrew Tarusov doesn't only focus on women. He created a series of pinup guys for International Women's Day, which you can see here.

Caption by / Photo by Andrew Tarusov
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