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Heavenly Sword

Mickey Mania

Heavy Rain


Ninja Gaiden

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II

The Adventures of Bayou Billy


Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Grand Theft Auto III


Pokemon Red and Blue

Resident Evil 4

Shadow of the Colossus

Super Smash Bros Brawl

Uncharted 2

The cover of the original Fallout was so nice that developer Bethesda did it twice -- and then twice again.

Caption by / Photo by Bethesda

One of the PS3's first anticipated exclusives. Luckily, this game had substance to back up its considerable style.

Caption by / Photo by Ninja Theory

Disney sure knew how to sell a SNES game. How could a young gamer in the '90s resist 1994's Mickey Mania?

Caption by / Photo by Disney

Heavy Rain showed that a game box could be subtle and still alluring.

Caption by / Photo by Sony Interactive Entertainment

Luring us in with a spectacular premise, this game rampaged through our hearts.

Caption by / Photo by Data East

In 1988, Ryu Hayabusa was seeking to avenge his father's death and wasn't scared to burn down a city to do it -- if this box art is to be believed.

Caption by / Photo by Tecmo

The lightsabers on the cover actually sparkled and shimmered. Plus, unlike other Star Wars games, this one was actually fun.

Caption by / Photo by LucasArts

One of our editors found this box art irresistible. Sadly, this "'Crocodile' Dundee" rip-off didn't deliver the goods.

Caption by / Photo by Konami

Perhaps the best part of Bioshock's box art is its '30s style logo, luring us into the doomed underwater city of Rapture.

Caption by / Photo by 2K Games

The backdrop of Final Fantasy VII's Midgar, and Cloud's Buster Sword, baited us into Zack Fair's tale of predestined woe.

Caption by / Photo by Square Enix

Grand Theft Auto III's cover convention has been replicated by Rockstar, and internet jokesters, for each new GTA game.

Caption by /

Okami's sumi-e art style made both the game and its cover art visually arresting.

Caption by / Photo by Capcom

Most Pokemaniacs who are 20-something today started their love affair with Pokemon with either Charizard or Blastoise.

Caption by / Photo by Nintendo

One of the Gamecube's last great games, this one's cover is a soft sell -- only hinting at the chaos inside.

Caption by / Photo by Capcom

Shadow of the Colossus' box art gives players a sneak peak at the jaw-dropping scale of the giants they'll battle.

Caption by / Photo by Sony Computer Entertainment

Nintendo's heroes look more primed and ready for action here on the front of Brawl than they do on other game boxes.

Caption by / Photo by Nintendo

The box art for Nathan Drake's second adventure is inspired by the game's opening scene.

Caption by / Photo by Sony Computer Entertainment
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