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Light-up offside indicator

Player camera

Live advertising

Low visibility detector

Yellow card indicator

Built-in energy generators

Live player stats

Speaker and microphone

Impact visualiser

It's just a few weeks to go before the world's best soccer players gather in Brazil for the World Cup, so check out these kits of the future. To kick off, there's no feeling like being robbed by a bad call -- but just imagine if a referee's human error could be ruled out forever by shirts that light up when a player is offside.

Check out these futuristic concept sport outfits by Bwin that envision using flexible LED displays to flash ads, fouls, and even live stats on your favourite player's chest.

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Get a pitch-level view of the action with a GoPro-style tiny camera embedded in a player's shirt.

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Sport is big business and everybody wants to be associated with the big names, but there's only so much space on a shirt -- until now. Flexible LED displays on a shirt could show a number of sponsors or even flash up a video.

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Nobody wants to trek through a drizzly Birkenhead on a Tuesday night to find out the game has been cancelled because of poor visibility. With these jerseys the match can go on no matter how bad the weather gets.

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Some professional sportsmen have a chip on their shoulder, but with these shirts they could have a reminder to cool it, as the indicators could show when they're on a yellow or two yellow cards.

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All this built-in technology needs power, so these jerseys could be powered by kinetic energy from the players themselves.

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Everyone loves a good stat, and with this shirt you -- and the other players -- can see how hard a player is working, with real-time live stats on a player's distance run, pass accuracy, number of drink-driving convictions, and other important statistics.

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Now players won't even have to wait until they get into the dressing room for a dressing-down: a radio in the shirt would allows coaches and managers to give players the hairdryer treatment throughout the game.

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Some of these wearable technology ideas may seem fun or frivolous, but here's one use of technology that would be of serious use. An impact visualiser could protect players as well as helping referees by showing red, amber, or green to show how hard a player had been hit. In fact, that colour-coded impact system is already used by American football players wearing the Reebok Checklight cap to ensure umpires, coaches, and medical staff know when a players has taken a big hit.

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