Slide on over here and we'll tell you about Fujifilm's two new sliding-face cameras. Fuji is offering the top-end, all mod cons FinePix Z700 EXR and the cheap and cheerful FinePix Z70.

Inside the Z700's slide-faced, 17mm frame is a Super CCD EXR sensor. Fujifilm's EXR sensors allow you to choose what your priority is in different shooting conditions: in low light, for example, you can choose to optimise the sensor's workload to cut down on image noise at high sensitivity, up to ISO 3,200. The sensor is adjusted by image stabilisation to cut down on blur from shaky hands. The sensor can also be found in the new FinePix F80EXR, as well as the excellent F200 and F70.

The lens boasts a 5x optical zoom. The wide angle isn't that wide, at 36mm equivalent to a 35mm camera. It does shoot high-definition 720p video though.

Face detection recognises faces, allowing you to name the people in your pictures. In playback mode, you can then search for snaps with specific people in. You'll also be able to search by image type, sifting through all the portraits or all the macro shots. Face detection recognises pets too, which is becoming something of a theme.

Click 'Continue' for pictures and pricing of the Z700 EXR in action, alongside its colourful little friend, the FinePix Z70.

Here's the Z700's vast 89mm (3.5-inch) touchscreen.
The Z700 will cost £200, but you'll have to wait until May.
This is the 12-megapixel FinePix Z70.
The sliding face reveals a non-protruding 5x optical zoom.
The Z70 includes LED-illuminated light-up keys, similar to those seen on Fuji's 3D camera. The screen measures 69mm (2.7 inches).
The Z70 also comes in purple.
It's pretty svelte, at only 18mm thick. There's the high-definition video button on the right.
The Z70 also comes in silver. It will cost £130, from early April.


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