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Give Dad video this year

Lots of dads love technology, living rooms and TVs. And unlike a grill, a weed whacker or a set of golf clubs, the right home entertainment gift doesn't mean he has to do more work or experience more frustration. Here are our picks for the best video- and TV-based gifts your dad will love.

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Why Dad will love it: It's the best TV CNET has ever reviewed. It's OLED, 4K, thin and exceedingly slick and futuristic-looking. Sure it's expensive as all get-out, but then, Dad deserves the best. If it's a little too much, check out the 55EC950Tfrom last year.

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Apple TV

Why Dad will love it: If Dad is an Apple guy, this is the streamer he needs. It can pipe all of his iTunes music, TV and movie purchases through his entertainment system with minimal hassle, delivers a truckload of apps and works beautifully with his iPhone, iPad and/or Mac computer.

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Sony VPL-VW300ES

Why Dad will love it: Do we even have to spell it out? OK, fine. At 100-plus inches the glorious detail of 4K finally becomes obvious, imparting to the best content a level of realism no TV can match. Sure it costs more than a used car, but the VW300ES is still the cheapest true 4K projector on the market. It's the kind of gift he'll be thanking you for forever.

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Logitech Harmony Smart Control

Why Dad will love it: If dad is still juggling multiple remotes or cursing at his balky old universal remote, it's time to bring Harmony to his home theatre. The Smart Control is the best universal remote for the money, incorporating control of multiple brands and devices seamlessly into one remote. It'll change his life, and make the system easier for the whole family to use.

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Google Chromecast

Why Dad will love it: If your Dad loves his streaming video on demand services, then the Chromecast is a great way of getting them all to play on any smart TV. It's cheap, easy to set up and very useful!



Samsung JU7000 4K TV

Why Dad will love it: This is Samsung's least-expensive TV with true local dimming, leading to very good picture quality with relatively deep black levels. Its colour is accurate and video processing is among the best on the market. Unlike most Samsung 4K TVs it has a flat rather than curved screen. The redesigned Smart TV system and remote are simpler than ever to use, its cutting-edge connectivity and other features can be upgraded in the future, and its design is strikingly beautiful.

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