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An iPhone with three screens

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A slim flip-iPhone concept

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Behind the flip iPhone

If Apple made a flip smartphone

Designer Martin Hajek imagines a world where Apple makes flip phones, and it's a place of beautiful dreams. He created a series of renders for a flip iPhone concept.

The flip iPhone is actually called the GarekeiPhone, named for a style of phone popular in Japan. Hajek maintains the iPhone's sleek style when adding the functional cover.

Caption by / Photo by Martin Hajek

Designer Martin Hajek's idea of a future iPhone includes three screens -- one small screen on the outside and one underneath a flip cover along with the keyboard screen. The outside screen can display graphics or notifications.

Caption by / Photo by Martin Hajek

If Apple ever came out with a flip phone, it might look a lot like designer Martin Hajek's renderings. He created a series of images showing all angles of an imagined flip iPhone. Naturally, he included a variety of Apple colors, including space gray and champagne.

Caption by / Photo by Martin Hajek

Anybody nostalgic about flip phones will love designer Martin Hajek's concept for an iPhone with a flip-up cover. Inspired by the Japanese phone users who still embrace flip phones, Hajek created a series of artful images combining Apple's iPhone look with a large flip phone design.

Caption by / Photo by Martin Hajek

Chances are Apple will never make a flip version of its iPhone as flip phones are largely considered old-fashioned and out of date. Designer Martin Hajek's idea for a flip-iPhone, however, has produced renderings of a thing of beauty, with a sleek look and low-profile hinge.

Caption by / Photo by Martin Hajek

Imagine an iPhone with a cover containing two extra screens. That's what designer Martin Hajek dreamed up when he created the GarekeiPhone concept. A thin flip-up cover contains a large screen inside and small screen for notifications on the outside.

Caption by / Photo by Martin Hajek

Designer Martin Hajek spent several weeks dreaming up and creating renders for a concept iPhone with a flip top. His images show an imagined phone that's just as slim and sleek as a regular iPhone. The flip cover adds two more screens to the mix, giving a user plenty of room for composing emails or browsing the Internet.

Caption by / Photo by Martin Hajek

This render shows an imagined flip-cover iPhone next to a regular iPhone. The flip phone has a small screen built in to the front to show notifications or a glowing Apple logo. The power button is positioned on the outside of the cover. Designer Martin Hajek created the renders.

Caption by / Photo by Martin Hajek

Designer Martin Hajek's vision for a flip iPhone includes a lanyard connector for wearing the device around your neck. He was inspired by the popularity of large flip phones in Japan. This render shows what the back of the concept device would look like, next to another phone.

Caption by / Photo by Martin Hajek

This concept for a flip-cover iPhone presents a pretty compelling case for returning to the design cues of phones past. Designer Martin Hajek's renders show a phone with three screens, two on the inside and a small one on the outside. All that extra screen real estate would certainly be useful.

Caption by / Photo by Martin Hajek
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