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Rebel U-Wing Fighter

Imperial Assault Hovertank

Krennic's Imperial Shuttle

TIE Striker

AT-ST Walker

Jyn Erso's ready to battle the Empire

Meet K-2SO

Beware of Imperial Death Troopers

Lego released the first images of its "Rogue One" sets on Thursday, offering a few clues on what's to come in the new Star Wars movie. This first wave of toys will show up on store shelves on September 30.

This Rebel U-Wing Fighter has front spring-loaded shooters and stud shooters mounted in the side doors. There's a seat in the cockpit for the pilot minifigure and a transparent window below for another minifigure to keep a lookout. You can even fold the wings back for a bigger model. The set is priced at $80 (about £60, AU$106).

Caption by / Photo by Lego

This tough urban patrol vehicle has a two-minifigure cockpit and a rotating, elevating turret gun with spring-loaded shooters to target enemies of the Empire. Open the storage container, grab the blasters and play out your own mini urban battles. The set is priced at $30 (about £23, AU$40).

Caption by / Photo by Lego

Krennic's Imperial Shuttle is the kind of tough ship perfect for transporting Death Troopers. Lower the ramp and check that the blasters are secured, then arm the spring-loaded shooters and seal the hull for takeoff with a Krennic minifigure in the pilot seat. Raise the landing skids, lower the wings for flight mode and set off on another dangerous mission. The set is priced at $90 (about £68, AU$119).

Caption by / Photo by Lego

Build the Empire's atmospheric patrol fighter, a TIE Striker. Open the minifigure cockpit from the top or front and put in the TIE Pilot. Help the Imperial ground crew member put supplies in the rear hold and arm the spring-loaded shooters. The wings are also adjustable. The set is priced at $70 (about £53, AU$93).

Caption by / Photo by Lego

All aboard the All Terrain Scout Transport. Open the top hatch, load up the AT-ST Driver and move the legs to speed into action. Turn the wheel to rotate the top and prepare to fire the spring-loaded shooters. The set is priced at $40 (about £30, AU$53).

Caption by / Photo by Lego

The tough Rebel soldier Jyn Erso has everything she needs to take on the Empire. Build the figure, load the blaster rifle, put her in a battle pose and fire the spring-loaded shooter. Then grab the truncheons and turn the wheel to activate the arm-swinging battle function. The set is priced at $25 (about £19, AU$33).

Caption by / Photo by Lego

Once an Imperial security droid, K-2SO is now ready to fight for the Rebel Alliance. Build the droid, then push the button to the side to swing each arm or push it straight to swing both at the same time. The powerful K-2SO has the strength and skill to take on the Empire. The set is priced at $25 (about £19, AU$33).

Caption by / Photo by Lego

Death Troopers are the Empire's most imposing enforcers and bodyguards. Build this trooper, grab the blaster pistol from the holster or fire the blaster rifle with spring-loaded shooter. Then put him in a battle pose and get ready to defend the Empire. The set is priced at $25 (about £19, AU$33).

Caption by / Photo by Lego
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