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Christmas Gift Guide

Leather TARDIS bag

Kitchen Mysteries: Revealing the Science of Cooking by Hervé This

Apollo Cockpit necktie

Klein Bottle Opener

The Man Ring

Pipe Mug


Nerd Block

Doctor Who Diecast Master's Pocket Watch

The Element Collection

Jedi bathrobe

Game of Thrones etched rocks glasses

Lego Moleskine

Field's metal disappearing spoon kit

Porsche Tec Flex Steel Weave Ballpoint pen

Duncan Armored Knight Hoodie

Carson zPix 200 USB Microscope

Legendary Suitjamas

If your dad is of the geeky persuasion, he might like something a little different for Father's Day.


We don't think this TARDIS bag is, in fact, bigger on the inside -- we Earthlings are bound by the laws of physics, after all -- but it's capacious enough for a 14-inch laptop or a bunch of gear, and even has a zippered pocket for valuables.

Buy it here.

Caption by / Photo by krukrustudio

US$9.99 to US$16.26

From Maillard reactions to protein binding, cooking is all about chemistry. Father of molecular gastronomy Hervé This uses kitchen science to illustrate scientific concepts.

Buy it here.

Caption by / Photo by Columbia University Press; Glass beakers-set image by Lilly_M, CC BY-SA 3.0


A tie in space wouldn't be an ideal situation, but what about a tie for space? This silk tie has been screen printed with images from the Apollo Operations Handbook Block II Spacecraft, 1969, so you can familiarise yourself with cockpit controls with no one ever the wiser.

Buy it here.

Caption by / Photo by Cyberoptix

From $78

Ponder the complex problem of the surface with no boundaries over a nice, cold bottle of your favourite beer.

Buy it here.

Caption by / Photo by Bathsheba


There are few things that say "dad" more than a thing that does other things. Like, for instance, a handsome titanium ring that conceals a comb, bottle opener, straight blade, serrated blade and teeny, tiny saw.

Buy it here.

Caption by / Photo by boonerings


Stomping turtles and mushrooms and rescuing princesses (who are never even in the right castle anyway) is exhausting work. Pep up between rounds with a cup o' joe from your favourite ... plumbing pipe mug. It's also available as part of an ace Mario combo pack with a T-shirt, poster and coaster set.

Buy it here.

Caption by / Photo by Jon Kay

From $10.99

If your dad isn't the jewellery-wearing type, we bet he carries keys. Everyone carries keys. The utili-key looks like a key and hangs off a keychain like a key, but it does a lot more than a key. It opens up to reveal a micro screwdriver for eyeglasses, Phillips-head and flat-head screwdrivers, a straight blade, a serrated blade and a bottle opener. No comb, though. That moustache is just going to have to cope.

Buy it here.

Caption by / Photo by Cabling Group

US$20 per month

Does your dad like toys? Sign him up for mystery geeky care package Nerd Block. Every month, it ships a T-shirt and five or six random toys. Alas, you can't put a timer on it, though, so you'll have to remember to cancel it when you think he's had enough presents. You meanie, you.

Buy it here.

Caption by / Photo by Nerdblock


Based on the watch seen in the third season of the new Doctor Who series, episodes eight and nine ("Human Nature" and "The Family of Blood"), this watch won't store any memories or DNA. It can tell the time, though.

Buy it here.

Caption by / Photo by ThinkGeek

£2320.63 (approx $3880)

If you have a bit of cash to throw around, why not get your dad his very own collection of the periodic table? This stunning case includes samples of all 92 naturally occurring elements. If you're not quite so flush, maybe you could get him started by making him a periodic table display cabinet instead.

Buy it here.

Caption by / Photo by The Element Collection


Even Jedi knights need to chillax, and with a soft, warm, fleecy bathrobe like this, it's hard not to. If your dad is a little more evil, though, maybe he'd prefer something in Sith colours? Or maybe Star Wars isn't his thing at all, in which case you should have a browse here and see if his geek flavour is represented.

Buy it here.

Caption by / Photo by Popcultcha


While he's putting up his feet in his luxurious bathrobe, he could be sipping on something golden and malted out of a fine glass. This set is etched with the house sigils for Targaryen, Lannister, Stark and Baratheon.

Buy it here.

Caption by / Photo by Kristin Marie

From $16.95

These lined and blank Lego-themed Moleskine notebooks have a flat Lego brick attached to the front. When your dad isn't doodling, he could be having a tiny, brain-relaxing build session.

Buy it here.

Caption by / Photo by NoteMaker

€69.75 (approx $95)

Field's metal — or Gallium — has a very low melting point: 29.77°C, below human body temperature, so it can melt in your hand. This kit to create a spoon that will melt when you stir a hot beverage strikes us as a particularly dad-like practical joke. Note: Gallium is not safe to drink.

Buy it here.

Caption by / Photo by Gallium crystals image by Foobar, CC BY-SA 3.0

From €195 ($265)

The body of this pen is made out of a material used in Porsche's racing cars, a flexible metal weave. It flexes together when the pen is clicked. If you hate it when people obsessively click pens, this pen is probably not a good idea ... but it's pretty danged stylish.

Buy it here.

Caption by / Photo by Pen City


I don't know about you guys, but my dad is my hero. Better than Arthur, Lancelot and Galahad put together.

Buy it here.

Caption by / Photo by Catherine Kim


Pocket microscopes are good for a whole bunch of things — including fun family learning times. This model comes with 26x-130x zoom magnification, an LED, an SXGA camera with a 1280x1024 resolution and a USB so you can see what's on the microscope on the computer screen in real time.

Buy it here.

Caption by / Photo by LeftBrain


A manly man needs manly jammies — none of this checked flannel nonsense. With a set of silk cotton Suitjamas, your dad will sleep in the style he deserves.

Buy it here.

Caption by / Photo by The Legendary Suitjamas Store
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