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​Duct tape it

​Make a chalkboard

Temporary graffiti

Stick on a pattern

Don’t forget the inside

​Add a message station

​Give it polka dots

Ever heard that duct tape fixes everything? This is no exception. Duct tape comes in a variety of colors and designs and can be changed whenever you want. Mac and cheese fridge? Yes, please.

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Head on over to your local hobby and crafts store and pick up a roll of vinyl chalkboard surface. You can cut it to cover one side of your fridge or use it to cover the whole thing. When you're done, grab a handful of chalk and start creating. If you get bored, the vinyl peels right off.

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If you like to be artistic and graffiti makes you smile, don't grab a can of regular spray-paint to paint your fridge or deep freezer. Look for rubber coating paint, like Rust-Oleum FlexiDip or Duplicolor Custom Wrap Removable Coating. It comes in spray cans and can give you the look of graffiti, but since it's made of rubber, it peels right off so you can make another piece of art or change the look depending on the holiday. If you're not really into graffiti, you can use this type of paint to coat the entire appliance in one solid, very sophisticated color that peels off when you change your mind.

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Don't have an artistic bone in your body? Add some double-sided tape to the back of some pretty vinyl drawer liners or stick on some contact paper for a chic looking appliance without any hassle. I like using liners because they have a nubby texture, but contact paper gives the same effect and you don't need tape.

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Plastic placemats can add a burst of color or style to worn out or stained shelving. Plus, lining shelves makes cleanup a breeze. Simply give them a dip in the sink to get rid of spills and drips.

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Magnetic dry erase boards, a caddy for markers and sticky notes and a magnetic dry erase calendar are all you need to make your very own, stylish message center on your fridge. Check out this how-to for making the magnetic dry erase board.

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Polka dots are a trendy appliance makeover that isn't hard to accomplish. Simply find some circular labels at your office supply store and go to work making your fridge or deep freezer speckled.

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