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Samsung has demonstrated the world's first 75-inch 3D TV this week at CES in Las Vegas. The prototype television uses an LED backlight, has the usual complement of Internet widgets and is both whisper thin and rather beautiful.

The demo loop Samsung was showing was nothing short of spectacular. The fine detail on the images was immense. But, as with all these demo loops, the footage was slow moving, free of visual challenges and clearly recorded at massive bit rates. Throw the average episode of Hollyoaks up on this thing, and it's not likely to look so awesome.

At the Samsung stand there were lots of people looking at the TV with desire in their hearts while their brain tried to work out if they could fit it in their houses and how many of their children they'd need to sell to afford it. And although there's no word on the price yet, we suspect it's not going to be cheap. You're probably going to have to sell two or three children to finance this baby.

The company wasn't letting us sticky-handed journalists play with the menus, or fiddle with the Internet widgets. It is, however, fair to assume that this super-telly has the usual slick Samsung user interface, and a fistful of awesome Internet apps for accessing YouTube and BBC iPlayer. 

There was no word on availablity of this TV -- it could be that this won't ever go into production. Certainly, this silver-finished model didn't appear to have any inputs, so it's clearly not ready for sale yet. But even if this did go on sale, it's fair to assume that this TV would only sell in fairly small quantities.

Apparently, Sharp also has a 70-inch, 3D Quattron on display, but we haven't managed to clamp our sight spheres on that yet, but we won't rest until you're gazing at some photos of it. Promise.

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Here the Samsung is shown next to a human for scale.
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Samsung doesn't like to hide its light under a bushel, so it was quick to let us know this is a world-first.
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Note the lack of any inputs, which implies this TV isn't going on sale any time soon.
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