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Exposure is a series of photo galleries showcasing photographic talent in Australia. Our featured photographers will share their best shots and give us an insight into both their creative and technical processes. If you are interested in being featured in Exposure, or know any photo buffs who might be, contact us at

Warrick Mitchell

Photographer: Warrick Mitchell

Shooting subject: Adventure, Snow, Surf, Landscape

Equipment: Canon EOS 30D, 70-200mm L Series Lens, 17-40mm L Series Lens, Canon EOS 300, 70-300mm Lens, 28-90mm Lens, Fujifilm FinePix A500 with underwater housing, Fujifilm Disposable underwater camera

Warrick Mitchell's photographic collection is a visual journey of adventure around our wild planet.

Hailing from New Zealand's South Island, he has spent the last six years pursuing adventure and gaining experience, travelling throughout North America, Alaska, Central America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Snow Light
Twilight in the mountains is either a great place or really bad place to be, depending on whether or not you mean to be there. In this shot, I really enjoy the sun setting and the light effects on the snow. It makes you stop and think. Some people have asked if it's water -- yes, it is and this was a great day out.

Caption by / Photo by Warrick Mitchell, Awaruarat
Fiji Barrel
This is one of my favourite photos. Power, beauty, size and perfect shape gives it impact.

Caption by / Photo by Warrick Mitchell, Awaruarat
Whistler Snake Bowl
In this one, I love the colours and that there's so much going on. A moment in the day of the British Colombian skate park, the more I look at it the more it draws me in. It's a window into memories of my travels, a shot of young Kai Peterson (top left with helmet) but I'm also caught by the small things -- the boy walking heal to toe, the game of hacky sack, the girl in mid-thought scratching her head and why is that one guy carrying three skateboards?

Caption by / Photo by Warrick Mitchell, Awaruarat
East Coast Shades of Grey
How many people are enjoying the pulse of the ocean? I really like the changing shades of grey, the angle to the wave and the mountain backdrop.

Caption by / Photo by Warrick Mitchell, Awaruarat
Aoteroa Snow Storm
This is another moment I really enjoyed being part of -- the subtle changes of colour, the impact delivered by the explosion of snow and the light at the end of the day, as a very tired and beaten companion finds one last burst of energy making his way home after a long day. I shot this frame from the side of the access road.

Caption by / Photo by Warrick Mitchell, Awaruarat
Fijian Exploration
Exploration around the Fijian reefs. This photo shows me a little mystery, power and beauty. I like the strength of the potentially engulfing waves in contrast to the small loaded boat. It's well framed -- great moments like these just don't happen enough in life.

Caption by / Photo by Warrick Mitchell, Awaruarat
Back Country Space
This is another one of my favourites and as a big canvas it looks great. It's one people often stop and look at and are taken by. The most commonly asked question is "is it taken from a helicopter?" which I love -- it's taken from high on the ridge. I like the difference in the angles, the view into the mountains it creates. To me, it just asks us to get out into our environment and draws us back out there.

Caption by / Photo by Warrick Mitchell, Awaruarat
The Blue Lake
In this photo I enjoy the matching shapes, the subtle changes in blue, the different angle, and the way it makes you stop and think for a while. To me, it's almost interactive.

Caption by / Photo by Warrick Mitchell, Awaruarat
Darren Mountain Daisy
The timelessness and strength of the granite mountains and tall snowy peaks dropping all the way to the river valley below is lightened by the contrast of a mountain daisy perched gently on a ridge. This photo expresses that contrast and is a window and complement to the great outdoors. This frame features two national parks.

Caption by / Photo by Warrick Mitchell, Awaruarat
New Zealand Kea
Photography is about lighting, opportunity and being out there. This morning we hiked high up the mountain and I used my flash to capture the Keas at around 6:00am as the snow was falling. This shot is a patient perch. I really enjoy the light, the definition in the feathers and how the black and white sets off the stormy morning.

Caption by / Photo by Warrick Mitchell, Awaruarat
Swiss Village Powder
This one takes me back to the Swiss village of Verbier, the way it captures the moment, the towering Swiss mountains, deep powder and the life of an alpine village often covered in snow. After all this snow melts, the tree will start growing again. In the meantime, someone has hopped by to nibble on any exposed buds.

Caption by / Photo by Warrick Mitchell, Awaruarat
Jackson Hole
I like this shot a lot -- Jeremy and Tiff at home in the mountains, the angle, how steep it is, the angle of Tiffs neck as she looks into what seems to be a crater, Jeremy speed checks and is gone. I like the features in the mountains behind and hanging grey cloud. I strive for opportunities to take adventure and outdoors photography.

Caption by / Photo by Warrick Mitchell, Awaruarat
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