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'Doctor Who' goes Lego

Step into the Lego TARDIS

When Weeping Angels attack

Lego TARDIS goes time traveling

Step into the Lego TARDIS

Behind the box

The original 'Who' Lego concept

Lego Ideas version of the 'Who' set

"Doctor Who" steps into the Lego limelight with a new set featuring the TARDIS and some popular villains.

Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi are now immortalized in official Lego form with the release of the "Who" set on December 1. It includes two Doctors, one companion, a pair of Daleks and a super-creepy Weeping Angel.

Caption by / Photo by Lego

The official "Doctor Who" Lego set includes the control room of the TARDIS along with a detailed console that appears to be largely inspired by the set design used for Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor.

The set includes minifigs for Smith's Doctor, Peter Capaldi's current Twelfth Doctor and companion Clara Oswald.

Caption by / Photo by LEgo

Lego's upcoming "Doctor Who" set features a famous new-"Who" villain, one of the Weeping Angels. The Lego version is almost as creepy as the ones on TV. It has wide wings and a sharp-toothed face that looks like it wants to suck you out of time.

Caption by / Photo by Lego

The TARDIS box included in the official "Doctor Who" Lego set folds up to travel through time and space. It can then reopen to sit next to the console room. The clever design for the set means the TARDIS is, indeed, bigger on the inside.

Caption by / Photo by Lego

The TARDIS that comes with the new Lego "Doctor Who" set can sit next to the console room or it can close up and carry the Doctor off on a space-time adventure. The dual nature of the design gives the set a lot of flexibility.

Caption by / Photo by Lego

Soon you will be able to create your own regeneration scene between the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors with an official Lego set. Up the stakes by having them battle a pair of Daleks and a Weeping Angel in the process. The set will be released on December 1, just in time for this year's holiday-special episode with Peter Capaldi.

Caption by / Photo by Lego

Lego Ideas contributor Andrew Clark designed the original concept for the set Lego is producing. His design received support from 10,000 other Lego enthusiasts. It was a more extensive set than the final production model, including K-9, the Fourth Doctor and a Cyberman.

Caption by / Photo by Andrew Clark

Lego's new "Doctor Who" set got its start with a design created by fan Andrew Clark for the Lego Ideas site. It attracted plenty of support and formed the basis for the official set. This image shows what the set might have looked like if David Tennant's Tenth Doctor and companion Rose Tyler had been chosen for inclusion.

Caption by / Photo by Andrew Clark
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