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Fingerprint-scanning iPhone

Curved iPhone profile

iWatch running iOS 7

Wraparound iWatch

Fantasy iWatch prototype

HTC-inspired iPhone 6?

Was Dick Tracy talking to Siri?

iWatch or iSiri?


Designer Federico Ciccarese and his firm Ciccarese Design have a wonderful habit of visualizing what Apple might have up its sleeve for its latest product releases. Ahead of the anticipated September 10 unveiling of a new iPhone, and perhaps some other iDevices, Ciccarese has shared some of his newest visions with us.

Here he envisions a new iPhone complete with the rumored fingerprint scanner and a curved screen.

Caption by / Photo by Ciccarese Design
The curved iPhone from Italy's Ciccarese Design features a screen that bows outward just slightly, like a somewhat inverted Moto X. Ciccarese also recently created a vision of what the expected colored iPhone might look like.
Caption by / Photo by Ciccarese Design
Among the more intriguing of the Apple concepts worked up by Federico Ciccarese and his team of Italian designers and engineers is this rendering of a possible iWatch. It envisions a particularly meaty bracelet-style watch with a curved display running full-fledged iOS7. Eat your heart out, Dick Tracy.
Caption by / Photo by Ciccarese Design
Ciccarese's iWatch design is a single piece that wraps around the wrist with a screen on one side.
Caption by / Photo by Ciccarese Design
Ciccarese has gone so far as to have a pair of prototypes of his iWatch concept shape produced. The black version is shown here. No word whether Apple has shown any interest in the design.
Caption by / Photo by Ciccarese Design/Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET
Another iPhone concept from Ciccarese. This rendering of a potential iPhone 6 design is from January of 2013. It bears an interesting resemblance to the HTC One that would come out a few months later.
Caption by / Photo by Ciccarese Design
This rendering from 2012 is something Ciccarese has dubbed "iSiri." The small device connects to an iPhone via Bluetooth and functions as an extension of the capabilities that Siri offers, taking commands and responding. It basically is the Dick Tracy watch of yore.
Caption by / Photo by Ciccarese Design
iSiri can be worn with headphones, or around the wrist as a truly stripped-down iWatch. It's like having a live assistant strapped to your wrist without the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.
Caption by / Photo by Ciccarese Design
While this Ciccarese concept for an iPhone 5 dates all the way back to before the release of the actual iPhone 5, it's too insane not to share here. Part iPhone, part iWatch, and part brass knuckles, I almost want to see someone actually build this more than I want to see a Hyperloop realized.
Caption by / Photo by Ciccarese Design
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